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Medieval to Victorian Hands-on Music & Instrument-making Workshops

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Marking Time provides stimulating and fun 'hands on' music making and/or simple instrument making workshops for schools, museums, festivals and others. With a supporting cast of over 40 early & unusual musical instruments, from many cultures and historical periods, the workshops are suitable for any age [from 6 to 90] and any musical ability.

Learning through play, the workshops can assist in the development of confidence, self-esteem, concentration, team-building and creative skills, such as hand-eye coordination, aural skills and physical craft making. And of course, they're great fun, either as a one-off entertainment or a project base. Each session begins with a 45 minute demonstration of the available instruments and then develops into the chosen workshop scenario.

The tutor [Tony Westran] is able to offer a degree of flexibility, customising the session to suit your requirements. Here are a few ideas, but do contact Tony if you're looking for something a bit 'different'.

For Schools:-

•History of Music & Instruments. Instruments brought, shown, explained and played 'Hands-on'

•Simple musical instrument making using hygienic recycled waste or inexpensive materials.

•Cross curricular - The instruments can all be used as props to support different subjects in the National Curriculum at all Keystages, such as Music, History, Science, Geography, Design & Technology, RE, ICT and Maths

•Purely Historical - the Tutor will attend in authentically reproduced historical clothing of the chosen period and be able to make a good account of himself!

For Living History:-

•A 'drop -in' and 'hands-on' musical experience of instruments of the period. The workshops are ideal for Schools, Festivals, Inset training, Family & Community groups, Museums, Colleges & other educational establishments, Special interest groups, Corporate team building, Gifted & Talented, Living History groups etc.

Enhanced CRB & Insurance to £5 million, both available for inspection prior to your booking. Over 30 years experience in education