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Trevor & Alison Williams





Wearing accurate historical costume we interpret the Tudor & early Stuart periods using primary source research to bring both court and domestic aspects to life by recreating many topics of the period - whether for findsalewatches schools, museum services or corporate entertainment clients.

We pride ourselves on adaptability (!) so for museums and historic venues we are happy to give either a fixed schedule event at 30 minute or one hour intervals or to offer a free flow activity which takes place as and when there is a suitable audience.




In school or museums' education interpretation days are designed to augment the Curriculum

Activities for Key stage 2 include: Tudor Stillroom (above) covering medicine and health; Tudor Merchants covering merchants, traders, settlers and trade with America; Tudor Court covering the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth 1 and activities at court; Tudor music and dance covering the differences between court life and country life.

Activities for Key stage 3: The Queens court - Elizabethan courtiers

We are happy to work with you to develop and construct further curriculum based 'packages'.

Music and dance: 

We can perform and teach a range of late Medieval Tudor & early Stuart dances: Here (right) we appear as Henrician dancers in Eltham Palace Great Hall.  We can cover some the years from around 1450 to 1650.

As well as at public historic events we can provide entertainment for private corporate events, weddings and other ceremonies - we can also put you in touch with additional dancers for larger events and with suitable period musicians.


The Tudor/Stuart Courts:

We specialise in court re-creation and have a range of court costumes covering the Henrician, Elizabethan and Stuart periods. We have worked in a number of former palaces from the Tudor/Stuart periods including Hampton Court, Eltham Palace and Greenwich Palace. We have also taken part in film and television work, supplying our own gentry and/or court costume and artefacts.

Our Specialist page describes our research and document re-creation services.