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'Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made

By singing, 'O how beautiful' and sitting in the shade

While better men than we go out, to start their working lives

At digging weeds frome gravel paths, with borken dinner knives.'

For centuries England has had its gardens and gardening is still one of our greatest leisures, but the lives and working methods of the gardeners who toiled to maintain the pleasure gardens of the wealthy or the peasants who had to grow their own food have been forgotten.

The Historic Gardener offers talks and displays on gardening from the Roman period to the 1940’s ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign, providing a fascinating insight into the gardens, plants and tools of bygone times. Whether you wanted to eat, appear more beautiful, relieve pain, improve a meal or kill a few rats, there were plants for every need.

I can offer an accurate and fun display, suitable for everybody,even those who start off by not being the slightest bit interested in gardening. I could even represent a specific person associated with your garden,such as ‘Capability’ Brown or Humphry Repton. Maybe you would prefer a famous gardener/herbalist,for example, Gerard, John Tradescant or Nicholas Culpepper. Suitable for Heritage Gardens, Museums, Schools, Garden Societies and Country Fairs. Please contact me to discuss your preferences.