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The Mulberry Dyer

Roman to Victorian Presentations of natural dyeing, spinning and fibre production

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Debbie Bamford or John Stoker





Principally offering a historically accurate and thoroughly researched presentation of natural dyeing, spinning and fibre production from Roman through to the advent of chemical dyes in the mid 19th century

In addition, with my partner, we can display the techniques of the medieval stained glass worker, pin and needle making, bone working, sun dial making and techniques, apothecary/herbalist and for the 18th century an early hot air balloonist. We can tailor our presentations to suit individual houses, museums and the national curriculum for schools including special needs.

We supply historically accurate naturally dyed yarns, fibre and cloth, natural dyes, yarns and artists materials . John produces small textile tools including hand carders and spindles all to museum quality. 

Clients include: The Globe Theatre, V & A; Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Hampton Court Palace and the Ashmolean Museum