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dwardian period in the United Kingdom is the period covering the reign of King Edward VII, 1901 to 1910

Brad SteeleStonemason & Carver
Discover History2,000 Years of Historical Interpretation for Schools, Museums and Media
Grymm Tooms Travelling Museum A cornucopia of Victorian Scientific, Optical and Medical Wonders
Happening HistoryA Penny Through Time! 8thC to 20thC
HautboisMedieval to 20thC: Period musicians and presenters
Haydn Easy & Gillie JonesEdwardian Blacksmithing & forgework, Mechanic, Household remedies
Historic Gardener Michael Brown Making Garden History Fun! Roman to 20thC
History for HireAntarctic Adventurers
Kay Rouse - The Edwardian HigglerEdwardian Sufragette, Eye Magic & Hands-on Games
Past Alive!Pre-history to 20thC Living history educational interpreters
Quintains and CoronalsHistorically themed interactive activities covering Roman to 20thC
Raphael Historic FalconryHistoric Falconers: Our Edwardian presentation
ReplicawarehouseReplicawarehouse: Supplies of replica & original items, Pre-history to 20thC
Stephen ChampionScrivener, Lipworker and Playing-card maker
Trevor James MinstrelSaxon to 20thC Minstrel Extraordinaire
Warp & WeftEdwardian & Great War: Votes for Women & A Patriotic Chance to Shine...