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WWII and beyond

From 1939 to modern day.

Discover History2,000 Years of Historical Interpretation for Schools, Museums and Media
Happening HistoryA Penny Through Time! 8thC to 20thC
Happening HistoryWW2 on The Home Front
HautboisMedieval to 20thC: Period musicians and presenters
Historic Gardener Michael Brown Making Garden History Fun! Roman to 20thC
History for HireHome Front Heroes
Kay Rouse - The WW2 HigglerWW2 Hands-on Games, Eye Magic & all things Home Front
Past Alive!Pre-history to 20thC Living history educational interpreters
Quintains and CoronalsHistorically themed interactive activities covering Roman to 20thC
Raphael Historic FalconryHistoric Falconers: WW2 & beyond...
ReplicawarehouseReplicawarehouse: Supplies of replica & original items, Pre-history to 20thC
Steve Wagstaff & Fiona RashleighOn the WW2 Home Front
Trevor James MinstrelSaxon to 20thC Minstrel Extraordinaire
Warp & Weft WW2: Make do & Mend, Evacuation & Coping on the Ration